Obesity is widely regarded as a pandemic, with potentially distress consequences for human health. In developing countries, average national rate of obesity is low, but these figures may distinguish higher rates of obesity in urban communities. There is increasing public awareness of the heath implications of obesity. Many patient are seeking medical help for their overweight, other present with one or more of the complications of obesity, and increasing numbers are being identified during health screening examinations. WHO states that, about 250 million cases of obesity are being reported every year. Many efforts are being made to find out a reliable remedy for this burning problem, so many concepts and medicine are introduced by modern practitioner but they are not free from side effects. In Ayurveda, Sthaulya (obesity) is a condition where, due to aggravation of Doshas, there is improper transformation of nutrition, more of Medodhatu is formed and inappropriate nutrition goes to nourish other Dhatus of body.
Obesity usually occurs when a person makes it a habit to consume more than the required quantity of food and does not indulge in enough physical activity. This condition may even be inherited and might occur due to certain other reasons too. Here is a detailed look at the various reasons that cause obesity, the impact it has on a person’s health and also the ways to avoid it.

Causes of Obesity

1 . Excessive Eating and Lack of Physical Activity

As stated earlier, the main cause of developing this condition is regular intake of more than the required amount of food coupled with lack of physical activity.

2 . Psychological Issues

It has been observed that some people tend to eat excessively when they are going through a tough time.

3 . Genetic

Obesity may even run in the family. If either of the parents has this problem then it is likely for the child to develop it.

4 . Medication

Certain oral contraceptives, antidepressants and other medicines might also result in weight gain and having these over a period of time may lead to obesity.

Effects of Obesity

Obesity can have several negative repercussions on a person’s body. It may lead to the following:

1 . High Cholesterol Level

2 . Diabetes

3 . Asthma

4 . Sleep Apnea

5 . Infertility

6 . High Blood Pressure

Ways to Prevent Obesity

As grave as this problem is, it can be prevented by making some simple yet healthy lifestyle choices. Here is a look at the same:

1 . Healthy Eating Choices

Keep a check on your calorie intake and have a fibre and nutrient-rich diet that includes green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and cereals.

2 . Frequency and Size of Meal

Merely choosing healthy food options is not enough, you must also keep a watch on how much and how frequently you eat. It is best to have five to six small meals at regular intervals during the day rather than gulping three large meals.

3 . Exercise

Indulge in moderately intense exercise for 150-300 hours per week. This can include jogging, swimming, cycling and dancing among others.

4 . Watch your Weight

Keep a tab on your body weight as well as your waist size in order to ensure that things are under control.


Obesity, a growing problem around the world, can be prevented by following a healthy diet plan and setting a regular exercise regime. However, in case the problem occurs due to any reason then it is suggested to seek medical help to get it treated at the earliest.

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