The Benefits of Moringa
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The Benefits of Moringa

The Benefits of Moringa

An herbal superfood, moringa also possesses tremendous nutritious content and supports the body’s overall vitality, immunity, and well-being.


Benefits of Moringa



Moringa’s benefits extend beyond promoting natural beauty, a sharp mind, and vibrant energy, and many of its benefits can be at least partially attributed to its impressive nutritional content. Sometimes called a "powerhouse" of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, moringa can be beneficial for those who are malnourished.14,15 Here are a few more of moringa’s remarkable benefits:

  • Is a Good Source of Protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and the essential amino acids necessary to form a complete protein can all be found in moringa. This makes moringa a good source of protein, especially for those who do not eat meat.16
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep and Increased Energy. Since amino acids also help the body with energy levels and tissue restoration,17 moringa can help the body in these areas. Moringa is also an adaptogenic herb, so it can adapt to what the body needs, providing energy throughout the day and sound, restful sleep at night.
  • Supports Cleansing and Detoxification. Known for its purifying properties, moringa Supports Cleansing and Detoxification. Known for its purifying properties, moringa is said to be a valuable source of natural
  • antioxidants,18,19 which help the body cleanse and remove ama (natural toxins).
  • Has High Nutritional Content. In addition to amino acids and antioxidants, moringa is also a source of helpful vitamins and minerals like beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin E, and iron.20,21
  • Supports Various Organs. Moringa’s antioxidant content helps make it a beneficial tonic for the heart, liver, kidneys, blood, and pancreas.22,23,24

Moringa has deep cleansing and detoxifying effects. In Bhava Prakash, a historical Ayurvedic text, moringa is called “sigru,” which translates to “moves like an arrow.” This is in reference to moringa’s ability to quickly penetrate the dhatus (tissue layers of the body) for deep cleansing. It has a particular affinity for rakta dhatu (blood) and meda dhatu (fat).


Modern Research on Moringa

Many studies have been conducted throughout the past century, with much of the focus placed on moringa’s nutritional content. Below are a few studies that have researched moringa’s effects:

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