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AROGYAM AYURVEDM SHILAJIT capsules improves generalized weakness, helps to Boost stamina and Energy. Shilajit useful in urinary disorders. Shilajit Capsules are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that help nourishing the body, and overcome tiredness.

Here’s a description of Shilajit:

1. Natural Mineral Resin: Shilajit is a dark, tar-like substance that oozes from cracks in rocks and cliffs. It’s composed of a complex mixture of minerals, fulvic acid, organic compounds, and trace elements.
2. Ayurvedic Rasayana : Shilajit has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a rejuvenating tonic and adaptogen, which means it may help the body adapt to stressors and support overall vitality.
3. Rich in Nutrients: Shilajit contains a wide array of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and bioactive compounds. It’s considered a source of trace minerals that may be lacking in modern diets.
4. Antioxidant Properties: Shilajit is believed to have antioxidant effects, which can help protect cells from oxidative stress and promote overall well-being.
5. Energy and Stamina: In Ayurveda, Shilajit is often used to support energy levels, physical endurance, and stamina. It’s sometimes referred to as a “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.”
6. Supports Immune Function: The nutrients and bioactive compounds in Shilajit are thought to contribute to immune system support.
7. Cognitive Health: Some traditional uses of Shilajit include its potential to enhance memory, cognitive function, and mental clarity.
8. Anti-Aging: Shilajit is sometimes associated with anti-aging properties due to its role in promoting vitality and overall well-being.

NOTE : Herbal Medications Focus on the root cause of the problem and heal from within. For Best Results, please take the medication for a minimum of 2 months.

Indications :  Useful In Generalized Weakness & Urinary Disorders.

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